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Virtual Assistant or Office Assistant? 5 Reasons Why You Should Go Virtual

Entrepreneurs could find themselves at the crossroads: “Should I hire a Virtual Assistant or an office assistant?” To the uninitiated, the Virtual Assistant is the great unknown. An office assistant is a person sharing space, breathing the same air and works in close collaboration. A Virtual Assistant works in the virtual world.

Before you cast your vote, you should do a quick comparison between the 2 options. It will be clear that contracting a Virtual Assistant is the better option.

Lower Compensation Cost – Let’s get this straight. Technically, you do not hire a Virtual Assistant. You contract a VA. The word “contract” implies a working arrangement which does not follow the statuettes of regular employment.

This is because a Virtual Assistant runs his or her own business and can handle other clients. Thus, you only pay a Virtual Assistant for the hours spent on your project.

An office assistant is a full-time employee. You have to pay complete benefits on top of the salary. It is estimated that the cost of a full-time employee is equivalent to double his or her basic salary.

Greater Productivity – A Virtual Assistant will allocate 2 to 4 hours per day per client. But you can be rest assured the VA can get a lot of work done during the 2 to 4 hours.

This is because virtual assistants are paid based on productive hour. Clients often give virtual assistants very strict deadlines which have to be complied with. There are milestones that may be required to accomplish on a certain day to ensure the project is moving forward.

Because office assistants are paid a fixed salary, employees end up paying even for unproductive time. Whenever your office assistant checks her social media, takes water cooler or bathroom breaks you are paying for those costly minutes.

Avoid Legalities – What do you do if your Virtual Assistant does not deliver as expected? Simple, you just terminate the contract and hire a new one.

What if the office assistant does not pan out? Depending on your office policy, you may have to furnish proof of incompetence through data and work statistics. Was she given due process? Did you issue warnings or reprimands for poor quality of work? Did you give her enough time to improve her performance?

Otherwise, termination could get ugly and you may have to pay a large sum of money to cover unpaid benefits.

More Flexible Options – You’re planning to set up customer support services for your business. But if you extend work hours of your staff, you will incur overtime pay, night differentials and fatigue may compromise quality of work.

Your other option is to outsource services to virtual assistants from the Philippines. You don’t incur expenses outside their standard fees. Because there is a time differential involved, they could be working at daytime which allows them to maintain quality of work.

Lower Attrition Rate – There are studies that show home-based workers are generally happier than office workers.

They are less stressed because they do not have to go through the inconvenience of the daily commute and office politics. They also end up saving more money than office workers because they have fewer expenses.

When you have happier workers, you get better production and higher quality of work.

If you are uncertain of contracting a Virtual Assistant for the first time, use the services of a virtual assistance agency. These agencies have assembled a roster of highly- qualified virtual assistants and can present ready references and recommendations from clients. Best of all, if you are not happy with the service, the agency can easily replace your VA with another one.

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