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Should You Become a Virtual Assistant

The job of a Virtual Assistant has evolved from being a second option to a full-blown professional career. A Virtual Assistant is no longer just a person tasked to perform secretarial or personal assistant services. The industry has opened its doors to more professions; people of varied skills and backgrounds are crossing over from the brick-and-mortar world to the virtual world. But should you become a Virtual Assistant?

It’s great to have a job. You have the means to pay off the bills and support your loved ones. But often times conditions exist which make it difficult to remain grateful and appreciative of having this opportunity.

Full Time Employees or FTEs have to deal with the regular commute to work which depending on where you are in the world could be a 2 hour drive on what would normally take 30 minutes on a holiday. FTEs also have to co-exist with the realities of office culture; the distractions of politics, lack of career paths and succession planning.

It’s no wonder many FTEs feel they are stuck in a rut or in a dead-end job. In this day and age of uncertainty, it is difficult for anyone to believe 100% that they have job security.

If you can’t control the direction where your career is going, you should find a career where you can control the direction. This means, be your own boss!

Becoming a Virtual Assistant is an easy way to have a small enterprise of your own. It does not require much capital, you can work from your home and you control your own time. But are these enough reasons to become a Virtual Assistant?

Here are 3 questions you should ask yourself before making a decision to become a Virtual Assistant:

1. Are You Ready for the Grind?

The first step is always the hardest. When becoming a Virtual Assistant the first step is finding your first client. And this can be very hard.

Some people go for 6 months without landing a client. It’s not because there’s no demand; there is, but the industry can be competitive. Many companies look for experienced virtual assistants. So to land your first client, you’ll have to compromise your rates.

When you do land your first client, the focus now shifts to proving your worth. You have to consistently deliver quality work on-time and according to standards. If you can do this, the client will extend you contract and give you more referrals.

2. Can You Work With Different People?

As a Virtual Assistant, you will have clients from different nationalities. Each client will have their own approach toward business and respective guidelines. You should have the ability to adjust with the demands of every client.

You may also work with a virtual team. Often a virtual team is composed of people from other nationalities as well. You should be able to collaborate and work with everyone on the team regardless of differences in culture and beliefs.

3. Are You Prepared to Make Sacrifices?

Perhaps the biggest surprise for those who decide to become virtual assistants is the belief that you control your own time. In theory, yes but you should be able to work with the schedule demanded by your client.

If the client requests you to work during his or her office hours for closer collaboration, you may have to sacrifice time from your family. Your sleep hours may change, so again you have to make adjustments in your schedule.

A career as a Virtual Assistant can be rewarding. It certainly has its advantages over being an FTE but just like any other job, you have to work hard and stay committed to giving your best.

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