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How To Find Unlimited Leads Using A Real Estate VA

For your real estate business to thrive you must continually find ways to increase your leads list. This is especially true in a highly competitive market where demand is outpacing supply. The good news is technology has made lead generation easier. The Internet has opened up a number of online avenues that are excellent sources of qualified leads. But lead generation takes time. The truth is you can find unlimited leads using a real estate VA.

What is a VA? The acronym stands for Virtual Assistant, a professional who works online and is contracted to manage a specific set of responsibilities. The demand for virtual assistance has grown to a point that you can find one for every industry. This is especially in real estate, where delegating tasks to a VA is crucial to building the business.

Real estate agents usually outsource non- essential tasks to virtual assistants. These tasks include e-mail filtering, appointment setting, calendar management, phone handling, preparation and review of contracts and preparing presentation materials.

But you can also outsource lead generation work to your real estate VA. It doesn’t matter whether your VA has experience in the real estate industry or not. Virtual assistants by nature are great at data mining, sourcing and generally well- organized in their conduct of work. They will take to lead generation work like fish to water!

Finding quality leads comes down to knowing where to look for them. Once you’ve identified a good source for leads, it’s up to the real estate VA to deliver them to your website.

Here are the 4 best places online to find unlimited leads:

1. Social Media

We all know how important social media is for marketing. The sheer size of the daily population of social media users at 2.34 Billion people makes it a watering hole of potentially hot leads. But how do you use social media to generate leads?

Generating leads is about finding ways to get contact information. The first step is to stay active and maintain a regular presence by strictly following a posting schedule.

Not all social media networks function or “behave” the same way. You have to design a posting schedule that best adheres to the nature or culture of the social network community.

Here’s a posting schedule your real estate VA should follow:

Network Weekday Weekend
Twitter 14x; 12am to 10pm 7x; 3am to 9pm
Facebook 2x; 10am and 3pm 2x; 10am to 3pm
Google Plus 2x; 9am and 7pm None
LinkedIn 1 per day; 8am None
Pinterest 1 new pin, 1 group pin; 2am to 4am, 8pm to 11pm 1 new pin, 1 group pin; 2am to 4am, 8pm to 11pm

The schedule is based on the best time to post before activity starts to peak in each social network.

Make sure you share or post usable and relevant content. If you plan to blog, optimize your content by integrating popular keywords. Great content has been proven to effectively drive traffic to your website.

2. Get Found on Google Maps

Once your Virtual Assistant has leads going to your website, the next step is to make sure your agency or place of work can be found.

It is important to be found on Google Maps because 82% of Internet users rely on their mobile phones to rely as a GPS to find a location. Google Maps is the search app most preferred by mobile users.

The real estate virtual assistant will create a complete profile with the accurate details of your address and contact information and have it distributed to as many online channels as possible.

3. Maximize the Power of Twitter to Acquire Markets

Twitter is one of the best networks to acquire markets. The 140 character limit will push you to send out messages in volumes which will increase your level of activity.

One of the best ways to use Twitter for lead generation is by engaging people with interests in real estate. All the VA has to do is search for tweets that are related to real estate. Ask a service such as IFTTT (If This Then That) to e-mail your VA whenever someone posts relevant content in Twitter.

Your VA should be prepared with a few standard responses that they can deliver for you. If the response elicits a reaction, chances are the user will visit your Twitter page. From there a decision could be made to visit your website. This is why having a complete and interesting Twitter profile is important.

4. Use E-Mail to Get Online Reviews

Online reviews are powerful drivers of sales because they enhance your credibility, expertise and trustworthiness to your audience. Yet, many real estate agents forget to ask clients to provide them with a review of their experience.

All your real estate VA has to do is send out customized e-mails to your clients asking them for a courtesy of a review and thanking them for their business.

From there it becomes a matter of consistent follow ups. Virtual assistants know how to follow up requests from clients without imposing.

These are 4 effective strategies that your real estate VA can do to find unlimited leads. It requires time, focus and consistency. But the returns on time invested will create a consistent stream of qualified leads for your real estate business.

2 Big Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Own Home

2 Big Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Own Home

Conventional wisdom states that if you plan to sell your own home you should hire a real estate agent. After all, transacting in real estate is a complicated process. Agents have the experience, training and expertise to help you sell your home in the property market at the price you want.

But a revolution in the real estate market has been taking shape the last few years. More property owners have taken to selling their own home without the help of a licensed real estate agent.

The process of selling a home privately without the representation of a real estate agent is called FSBO or For Sale By Owner. It has been gaining popularity in Australia where prices of real estate property have been on a steady climb since the year 2000.

Why are more people going the way of FSBO?

There are 2 big reasons why FSBO may be the best approach to selling your own home.

Improve the Net Return on Your Property

When you hire a real estate agent, there is a price you pay for capitalizing on his or her experience, expertise, knowledge and connections. The price is in the form of commissions which range between 2% to 3% depending on the location of the property and the level of demand.

By going FSBO and removing the agent from the transaction, you automatically improve the net return on your property by 2% to 3%.

But there are also other expenses to account for when you hire the services of a real estate agent. These are the out- of- pocket expenses for marketing and promoting your property.

Without a real estate agent, you have better control over the expenses related to the sale of your property. All told, you would save up to 6% to 8% in expenses by going the FSBO route.

What can you do with the 6% to 8% cost savings?

  • It will give you better room for price negotiation
  • You can use it to contract the services of a Virtual Assistant who is a cheaper option than a real estate agent.

A Virtual Assistant can do the following tasks for you:

  • Prepare all the required contracts
  • Open an account for your home in a reputable For Sale By Owner website
  • Manage your social media
  • Attend to all inquiries
  • Schedule property visits
  • Prepare marketing collateral

You only pay a Virtual Assistant for productive hours worked which means you can easily stay within your budget and still get more work done.

Improve Probability of a Quicker Sale

A real estate agent will ask you to sign an Exclusivity Agreement. This ensures the agent that only he or she has the full and complete authorization to sell your property.

The agreement is onerous because while your property is beholden to the agent the agent will never be beholden to you.

Real estate agents also manage other properties in their list. They will not devote 100% of their time trying to sell your property. This is also a business and agents observe PROTI or Potential Return on Time Invested.

Translation: Agents may put more time and effort selling a property that offers higher or immediate returns. Good luck if your property is located in Tasmania and the agent has properties lined up in Sydney!

As a rule, if your property remains in the market for 4 months, its perceived value starts to drop.

By adopting FSBO, you can devote 100% more time to selling your own property. With the help of your Virtual Assistant, you can probably sell your home within 4 months.

Selling your own home may seem like a daunting task. But really, is there anything a real estate agent does that you can’t do yourself? The most time consuming part of the process is pushing your property in the market and the Virtual Assistant can get that done more efficiently.

If you want a higher return on your property in the fastest possible time, FSBO is the way to go.



How to find the best photography content to help your agency

Numerous individuals realize that they ought to contract an expert land picture taker. However, they don’t comprehend the right strides that should be followed to choose an ideal photographic artist for the employment. Here are a couple of things that you ought to remember when you are searching for a real estate photographer to help with your home posting photographs:

Inspect what they offer. Inquire as to whether they will work with you to make extra showcasing materials.

Build up a relationship. On the off chance that your picture taker is shooting home at home and doesn’t have room schedule-wise to talk, they are more inspired by getting paid. Discover a picture taker that needs to enhance your business and will listen to your thoughts.

Take a gander at their portfolio online and ensure you like the work they have posted.

Ask them what they wear. Your picture taker is an augmentation of you and your business, and they will speak to you on the property. If the dealer is available, ensure your picture taker dresses suitably.

See whether your picture taker does anything to assist the group.

Choose also vital to you. Less expensive in advance expense with conflicting results, or somewhat more cash in advance with predictable, individual administration and at last a superior esteemed item.

One preferred standpoint to working with an expert who offers both administrations is that you may have the capacity to get a rebate by buying both choices in a packaged bundle. Converse with your expert land picture taker to get some information about the options that are accessible.

It is imperative that you utilize both photographs and recordings in your online real estate showcasing, because they can both support the real estate posting in various ways. Some potential purchasers like to view the photographs, and others like to see both the photos and the recordings. Along these lines, ensure that you are contracting an expert land picture taker who can offer both administrations.

When you contrast the expert photographs and beginner pictures, you will see an extraordinary distinction in the way the property is shown. Before you begin promoting your property, it is a smart thought to locate an expert land picture taker who can help you set up together an arrangement of excellent photographs of your home.


Four reasons why you should outsource property photography

When you have your site up and running, you have to give as much data as you can to potential purchasers. Individuals are taking a gander at homes and constructing their assessments in light of the things that you compose and the photos they see. The photos truly do as such much to make purchasers need to see the property.

1. How many buyers searched the Internet for a home?

In 2006, 80% of home purchasers searched the Internet when looking down a home. After four years, in 2010, the rate of home buyers that track the Internet when looking down a house hopped to 89%. Customers are buying and getting to be skilled with more innovation gadgets, for example, portable PCs, iPods, iPads, tablets and advanced mobile phones. These purchasers are home buyers, and they need to shop on the web.

2. Save time and stress, have an expert photographer handle the photographs.

Taking pictures requires some investment. As a broker, you need to drive to the property and go room by room snapping photographs. In any case, your work does not stop there. When you return to the workplace, you need to pull the pictures off your camera and spot them onto your PC before you can transfer them to the MLS. It is anything but difficult to get pushed when something turns out badly with your PC, and your photographs don’t download efficiently. On the off chance that you happened to take a blurry photo, you need to choose to dispose of it or do a reversal to the property to retake the shot. Else you chance to present a picture on the MLS that does not meet your standard of value, and you wind up publicizing your image in a poor way when potential customers see your posting on the web.

3. An expert real estate photographer might be your best all-around marketing teammate.

Ask your real estate photographer on the off chance that they can help in different territories of advertising so you get an ideal introduction for your posting. Inquire as to whether they can assist you in print pamphlets or fliers. Having them plan and print showcasing materials gives you a one of a kind item to speak to your posting.

4. Make professional photography part of your brand.

As a real estate agent, you may need to contend with your companions to acquire postings. Proficient photography is an awesome method for enhancing your promoting portfolio when meeting with potential merchants. If a vender needs to pick a real estate agent that utilizations proficient photography versus a real estate broker that uses a simple to use, they will probably run with the real estate broker that utilizations skilled photography.

It is vital merchants know you utilize an expert picture taker. Request that they give you leaflets that showcase their work and the exhibition of their photographs. Incorporate a handout in your promoting materials and abandon it with the purchaser so they can see the fantastic item you are going to convey if they pick you as their real estate agent.