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3 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Partner With Their Virtual Assistant

3 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Partner With Their Virtual Assistant

Entrepreneurs are popularly referred to as risk-takers. They are willing to take risks in order to turn dreams into reality. This is why the typical profile of an entrepreneur is a driven, passionate and dedicated person who will stop at nothing to turn the business into a success. And sometimes that can be a problem. Your best solution is to hire a Virtual Assistant.

As talented and motivated as you are, the fact of the matter is you cannot do everything on your own. And even if you are a person of 100 skills or more, you should not even attempt to manage all the details of the business. For all of technology’s power, it cannot change the value of time.

You will only have 24 hours in a day and of these, you are awake for only 16 to 18 hours. In order to become successful, you must make efficient and productive use of your time. By trying to do everything yourself, you accomplish little.

A Virtual Assistant can help you manage your schedule better so you can have more productive time. It has been widely documented that a Virtual Assistant has many benefits:

  • Reduce costs
  • Improve productivity
  • Introduce flexibility
  • Reduce risks of expansion
  • Relieve stress

These are all potential benefits that you can reap when working with a Virtual Assistant. The key is to maximize the relationship with your Virtual Assistant by approaching the engagement more as a partnership than a Client – Services Provider relationship:

1. Because One is Greater than Two.

In a partnership, both parties have a shared interest. In a Client – Services Provider relationship, there are 2 distinct interests. When you embrace a partnership these 2 interests become 1. There is a shared interest because if one party fails to deliver, the other’s interests are compromised.

2. Capitalize on the Virtual Assistant’s Experience.

For your Virtual Assistant to become a partner, you have to get him or her involved in the project. You should treat the Virtual Assistant as an equal partner. Therefore, ask him or her for advice or consultation on key matters that falls under his or her competence. Virtual assistants are highly experienced. They have undergone training and have worked in variety of industries. Their inputs can help your business grow and move forward.

3. Develop a Stronger Relationship.

By encouraging your Virtual Assistant to get more involved in the business you develop a stronger relationship. Many entrepreneurs are not only financially invested in the business but also emotionally invested. It is not easy for them to relinquish some control to another person especially someone whom he or she interacts only through the virtual world. It is a big step which could lead to better productivity and higher quality of work.

Building strategic partnerships is nothing new when it comes to outsourcing services. More and more businesses are transitioning to a partnership model as success is long term and sustainable. All relationships take time and throughout the process you will go through some rough patches. But with shared interests, you will come out better and wiser.

How to Find the Best Virtual Assistant for Your Business

How to Find the Best Virtual Assistant for Your Business

The virtual assistance industry has grown by leaps and bounds since the new millennium. More companies regardless of size and scale are hiring virtual assistants to help them cope with the uncertainties of business. The question is no longer “why” but “how”. Here are 6 tips to find the best Virtual Assistant for your business:

1. Ask Yourself Why You Need a Virtual Assistant

It’s one thing to “think” you need a Virtual Assistant and another to be sure you need the services of one.

Before you actively search for a Virtual Assistant, you should be convinced without a doubt the services are essential for your business.

The Virtual Assistant can take your business to the next level. But unless you are clear on why you need one, his or her services will be under-utilized.

2. Write Down the Scope of Responsibilities

Once you’ve firmed up your need for a Virtual Assistant, write down the scope of responsibilities you want him or her to do.

This will help you narrow down your search for the type of Virtual Assistant you need for your business. If you will post job openings in online job platforms, the required scope of responsibilities should be clearly stated.

3. Sign Up at Online Job Platforms

A good area to start your search is the online job platforms that have proliferated in the Internet. These online job markets give you an opportunity to find the Virtual Assistant to meet your needs.

Online job platforms act like a market place; they match clients with potential service providers. You would need a good client profile and when you post a job, the details and requirements have to be very clear.

Among the best platforms are Elance, Guru and Freelancer.

4. Use Social Media

People don’t just use social media to post the latest dessert they ate with their coffee. They also use it to look for work and other opportunities.

There are different focus groups that you can join in social networks such as Facebook and Google Plus. These will help you connect with people who can be potential candidates of agencies that offer you services.

But LinkedIn should be your go-to social network. This is a networking site for professionals. You can get great candidates for virtual assistants through LinkedIn.

5. Check VA Websites

The Internet is home to many Virtual Assistant websites. These are agencies that provide virtual assistants to businesses.

There are many advantages to going with an agency. First, they can present you with several candidates that could meet your requirement. Second, the virtual assistants on their roster have a proven track record. And third, the agency can easily replace the Virtual Assistant if he or she does not deliver as expected.

But always conduct due diligence before initiating talks with an Internet-based Virtual Assistant agency.

6. Get Referrals

Finally, ask your friends or associates for referrals. For sure, you can find a friend who has utilized the services of a Virtual Assistant. He or she can probably refer you to an individual or an agency that can provide quality virtual assistants.

Regardless of how and where you find your Virtual Assistant, always subject them to a thorough interview and testing. While these are not guarantees, it will definitely reduce the risks of finding one that is a poor fit for your business. Eventually, you will only know if you’ve found the best Virtual Assistant during the course of the working engagement.