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3 Reasons You Should Hire a Virtual PA

A Virtual PA could be your answer to achieving balance between life and work. You’ve heard of the Virtual Assistant but what of the Virtual PA or Virtual Personal Assistant?

The Virtual PA essentially runs the same functions as the Virtual Assistant. The difference is that the word “Personal” implies assisting you in non- work related matters. A Virtual Assistant can also handle personal matters but a Virtual PA may have more experience and expertise in it.

Here are 3 reasons why you should hire a Virtual PA:

Helps Organize Your Day. The best way to wake up every morning is to feel reinvigorated; like you want to seize the day. However, what if every morning it felt like the day seized you?

You open your e-mail and there is an entirely new page of unopened communication. Your daughter reminds you of her 2pm recital at school. Your phone rings and it’s an associate reminding you of today’s meeting and that you should be ready with the best Power Point Presentation of your life.

The Power Point Presentation which you haven’t started on yet.

Days like these will become more frequent if you cannot keep your personal and professional tasks in order. A Virtual PA can help you put order amidst a chaotic schedule.

The Virtual PA can filter your email and initiate the necessary correspondence before you can sip your first cup of coffee. She will remind you of the recital while she is working on your Power Point Presentation.

Gets More Work Done. With a Virtual PA, you no longer have the world on your shoulders. You can delegate both work and personal matters to the Virtual PA so you can focus on activities that need you undivided attention.

A Virtual PA has varied skill sets. She can manage an assortment of tasks and assure you of quality of work.

You don’t have to worry about missing payment schedules, being late for a meeting because you don’t know the short cut or not having a reservation at the hottest restaurant in town.

The Virtual PA has you covered!

Reduces Risk of Missed Opportunities. In business, sometimes you don’t have to work at creating opportunities. Sometimes it will just come to you. As the old saying goes, “If opportunity knocks, open the door.”

Or answer the e-mail which you were not able to do because you were overwhelmed by work. Or perhaps, you forgot to return the call of a prospective client because you were stressed out from all of the preparations for the family reunion.

These missed opportunities could have been career changing had you answered them. If you cannot manage your time, you will undermine the true value of your business.

A Virtual PA can get these done for you. From responding to e-mails, taking phone calls to helping you plan for the reunion; a Virtual PA will make sure you will not miss out on crucial opportunities.

The best thing about having a Virtual PA is being able to achieve life and work balance. You work hard to provide food for your loved ones but sometimes your effort takes away time spent with them which is important. A Virtual PA ensures you are able to fulfill obligations to work and family.

The Virtual PA opens up your schedule so you can realize there is more to life than just work.

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